Celebrating Love the Kwakol Way - With a Gift that Keeps on Giving.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’ll keep this one simple and sweet.

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Blessing Mukorho

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February 14, 2022



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February 14 - unarguably one of the most celebrated days of the year; yet somehow, I’m currently at the office (deep in work mode) because today is not a public holiday. 

How convenient.

Today, all over the world, friends, family and lovers have cooked up ways to show those dearest to them just how much they mean to them. 

This is such a big deal, so how is this not a globally established day off, please?

From breakfast-in-bed to rose petals leading from the bed to the bathroom, and dinner dates after a long day of work, people are taking time out to celebrate the love they share with those around them.

One of the hardest parts of celebrating Valentine’s Day (asides being single, of course) is the gifting. Finding the ‘perfect gift’ is not always as easy as it seems, and your friendly neighborhood superhero fintech [Kwakol] has just the thing for you. 

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One of the most interesting things about gifts is that over time, the entire gifts-giving space has completely evolved. 

In 2017, for example, Kimye broke the internet when Kim announced that Kanye had gifted her stocks worth $100,000 in major companies. We also see celebrities like DJ Khaled having his one-year-old son executive-produce his tenth studio album, “Grateful”. 

In Nigeria, as well, fans have graduated from gifting their favourite celebrities cars and jewelry to gifting them stocks worth as much as $10,000.

So, even with giving gifts, people are chilling with the big boyz. 

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Just like your favourite celebrities, the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving. 

This year, Kwakol has Valentine’s Packages - each consisting of juicy investment bundles and a unique discount - that would have you (and those you love) celebrating Valentine’s Day the best way. 

First Up, Money Talk.

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Kwakol gives you access to five (5) investment bundles under its 2022 Valentine’s Package.

The first is Levadura, which is a short-term investment bundle with a 3-month tenure. The minimum amount for this investment bundle is $1,000 and it expects to yield at least 2.5% returns per month or 30% per annum. 

Next is Marigold. Also a short-term investment bundle, Marigold is for a 6-month tenure for which the minimum investment is $3,000. Marigold expects to yield returns of at least 3.3% per month or 40% per annum.

Then, we have Jūnzi (which almost sounds like ‘juicy’, because it just is). 

Jūnzi is a fixed term investment bundle with a 1-year tenure. For Jūnzi, the minimum investment amount is $10,000, and it is expected to yield at least 8.9% per month or a whopping 107% profit margin per annum. 

I told you it was juicy!

Ah, here’s one for the kids. At number four on the list of Kwakol’s investment bundles is Antipasto, a fixed investment bundle to help your children secure their financial future as well. 

Little secret? Antipasto is my favourite of all five investment bundles. 

The least you can invest for Antipasto is $1,000 and it is for a minimum of five years. Antipasto is expected to yield a 35% profit margin per annum. 

From what I hear, school fees are now very expensive. So, I’ll advise that you grab this bull by the horns!

Finally, we have Veterano - a fixed investment bundle for a prosperous retirement. 

Didn’t I tell you Kwakol has something for everyone?

Veterano is for the people that want to work hard and retire early, and it is for a minimum 5-year tenure. The least you can invest for Veterano is $1,000 and with Kwakol, you’re well on your way to yielding returns of at least 35% per annum with this bundle. 

Whew, that was a lot of numbers. 

Now To The Good (I Mean, Valentine’s) Part. 

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Kwakol has five (5) Valentine’s Packages that you can take advantage of.

Looks like our lucky number today is ‘five.’

First, right off the bat, is the L’Amour De Soi [Self Love] Valentine’s Package. 

L’amour de soi literally translates to “love of self” in French, and is the title of Kwakol’s Self-Care (or better still, self-love) Valentine’s package. 

Show yourself some love this Valentine by investing in Levadura, Marigold, Jūnzi or Veterano under the L’Amour De Soi Valentine’s Package. YOU wear the shoes, so YOU know where it itches. Why not invest in yourself and have your money work for you, this Valentine?

Moving forward, I once heard a wise man advise that you do not hoard opportunities (in this case, financial opportunities) from your friends because no be only one person dey do convoy. 

This is where Kwakol’s second Valentine’s package comes in. 

Show your friends love this season - or better still, come together as friends - and invest in Kwakol’s Groupe D’Amis [Clique] Valentine’s Package for a gift that keeps on giving. This package consists of the Levadura, Marigold, Jūnzi and Veterano investment bundles; any of which you can choose to gift your friend(s) this season. 

Now, to the lovers, who unashamedly dominate the celebration in this season.

Kwakol, of course, has something for you as well. You too can invest in Kwakol’s Les Amoureux [Couple] Valentine’s Deal to give your significant other (or as a couple, give each other) a gift that never stops giving.

Much like your undying love for each other, I reckon.

The Les Amoureux Package allows you to invest in any or all of Kwakol’s Levadura, Marigold, Jūnzi or Veterano investment bundles.

Following closely is the La Famille [Family] Valentine’s Package. 

From the kids to the parents and then, grandparents, what better way to celebrate the love that family brings than to invest in a collective financial future? 

Regardless of the size of your family, you can show love to one another this season by investing in Kwakol’s Levadura, Marigold, Jūnzi, Antipasto or Veterano investment bundles. 

Finally, one for the books - the business books. 

The L’Enterprise [Business] Valentine’s Package. Celebrate this season of love by securing the future of your business and/or company through Kwakol’s Marigold, Jūnzi, or Veterano investment bundles under this Valentine’s package.

I’m very sure that if your business could speak, it would be thanking you for such a beautifully wise gift. 

The Icing On The Cake.

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I know I promised to keep this ‘simple and short’ at the beginning, but Kwakol has too much to offer for me to be quiet(er).

So, to draw the curtains finally, I’ll leave you with a bow to wrap up your Valentine’s deals very nicely.

This Valentine’s, in addition to the juicy packages Kwakol has to offer, there is a discount. 

How amazing is that?

If you deposit at least 50% more than the minimum amount on any investment bundle, Kwakol now offers you a 10% Valentine’s Day discount on the commission for that bundle.

There. You can’t say I never did anything for you. 

Final Step?

Now that you know what it’s all about, click here to sign up for any of Kwakol’s Valentine’s Day packages; and in case anyone asks, use the code KWAVAL to get your 10% discount with your 50% extra on the minimum investment amount.

This only lasts till the end of February 2022, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on it.

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