We undertake and publish research on emerging technologies, critical sectors, and exciting companies.

Kwakol Research is a group of curious and analytic thinkers with expertise in economic and financial research, data analytics, industry analysis, and consulting.

Data Driven Insights

Kwakol’s research team produces research products that provide individuals and institutions the insights they need to succeed in today’s financial markets.

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We deliver client-focused evidence-based insights in the traditional and digital assets markets. This helps to shape investment strategies for clients and the company. Our in-depth economy, industry, and company analysis enables us to provide due diligence services for companies in the deal making process. We work with ambitious and growth- seeking companies on appraising investment alternatives, business growth strategies, and financing solutions.

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Learning Opportunities

Kwakol offers training and educational opportunities for traders, market researchers, and curious individuals through free periodic content, webinars, master classes, and tools. Learning covers trading basics, technical and fundamental analysis, and strategy. We provide updated tools like a proprietary trading healthcheck tool, trading calendars, and timely market updates, to equip traders for success.We also provide space for exchange of best practice and experience between traders through our online communities and pop-up trading stations.

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Dare to know | read, write, think. Literacy is underrated. It allows you to think clearly about and share ideas coherently. The literate society is much different from the illiterate society

Joseph Ishaku

Joseph is an enthusiastic economist with expansive research and programme experience covering various markets in Africa, especially Nigeria. He holds degrees from the American University of Nigeria in Yola and University College London, United Kingdom in addition to certifications from Maastricht University and the OTT School for Thinktankers. Joseph is responsible for Kwakol’s operations and leads the research team.
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