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Salome Ishaku

Date Published

May 29, 2022


Life at Kwakol

Prior to starting at Kwakol, I was an intern at a manufacturing company in Abuja, working to set up my skincare brand on the side. I looked forward to working a full-time job, and was excited when I received my employment letter to start work at Kwakol. 

I began working as an Office Manager at Kwakol in April 2021, shortly after completing my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. As Office Manager, my job description basically centers around office management. 

I oversee and coordinate general office operation, supervise and train team members to ensure maximum productivity by delegating tasks, ensure office supplies and equipment are purchased in time, maintain proper stock and create management-level reports. 

My experience as the Office Manager at Kwakol has been very unique. Life at Kwakol has been an interesting and adventurous journey so far. I’m surrounded by brilliant minds, and get to learn something new everyday. There’s also this positive energy that’s contagious, and being in this space keeps me going.

A typical day for me at Kwakol involves ensuring that team members resume to a conducive work environment that promotes productivity. I also supervise and monitor the management of the office, as well as create and manage budgets. 

I really love my job! The flexibility and ease that come with working at Kwakol makes the environment healthy enough for team members to carry out their duties diligently and effortlessly. It’s truly fulfilling to know that my job helps create an environment that impacts people’s work positively. 

Also, normally I’m a chill babe, so it comes naturally.

As Office Manager at Kwakol, I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that everything happening behind-the-scenes is executed with minimal glitches. Once this is done, there’s this wave of fulfillment like I can conquer anything. Kwakol makes it easy to implement ideas. For me, knowing that my ideas are appreciated motivates me to be more innovative.

If you didn’t already know, Kwakol is massively disrupting the fintech space. The fact that clients are better informed and readily educated about key factors of achieving set financial goals is gold. Watching the journey at Kwakol so far has been inspiring. 

We’ve learnt so much along the way and keep learning, improving everyday. The future of Kwakol is as bright as ever, and keeps getting brighter. The best decision I’ve made is jumping on this train that leads to greatness. I hope others connect with the vision and mission of Kwakol too.


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