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Samuel Ibitogbe

Date Published

March 18, 2022


Life at Kwakol

I began working at Kwakol in fulfillment of the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme.

When I got posted to Kwakol, I immediately searched for the company on the internet and found that they were a finance, research, and technology company based in Abuja, Nigeria. This was all I knew about Kwakol before I resumed there, and was not sure what to expect. 

Fortunately, on my first day at the office, an onboarding session was expertly organized for all recruits during which Kwakol was officially introduced to us, and we were intimated with our duties and responsibilities. 

Working at Kwakol has opened my eyes to a wide range of opportunities available at the intersection of finance and technology. 

Currently, I work in the academy department of the company and my job is to assist trainees to work through any difficulties they encounter, during the bi-weekly forex trading classes that the company organizes.

I also shuttle between the customer care, IT, and growth departments. It is important that I familiarize myself with the work that goes on in these departments because it is Kwakol’s mission that all employees are in the business of getting customers on board. 

The exposure I’ve gained from interning with Kwakol has taught me more things than I can tell. For instance, I’ve been taking the free trading classes at the office and have learnt how to pick trades, when to buy, when to sell, how the market is affected and I’ve had a more hands-on feel of trading the financial market by using my demo account. 

I feel grateful to work at Kwakol because it affords me the opportunity to learn, while also equipping me with skills to diversify my financial portfolio. The forex training classes that Kwakol holds have enlightened me on the business of trading the forex market, a skill that is especially relevant in the world today.

As far as the work environment goes, I know that I could not be in better hands. The staff at Kwakol are receptive and willing to assist me with anything I need. This has definitely taken the anxiety out of an otherwise difficult process of settling into a new job. 

Furthermore, the management has gone out of their way to provide a conducive working environment equipped with needed resources such as constant electricity, unlimited internet, free daily lunches, and a mini library - all of which make my life and the lives of all the staff considerably easier. 

It is most likely for these reasons (and more) that it is not unusual to find people in the office, even after closing hours, because it is such a conducive work environment. 

One of the things that inspires me the most about Kwakol is the fact that like myself, a large number of the staff are young people. Working with young people who are so good at what they do, and are making notable impact, has allowed me to dream even bigger dreams than when I first resumed at Kwakol. 

I’m also constantly looking for ways that I can contribute to the team, which is why I take advantage of the resources that the office has provided to help us develop more skills. For example, I have been learning to execute new programming languages, so that I too have something to bring to the table. 

Kwakol is a well-rounded work environment as reflected in the chill, team bonding sessions organized monthly. Whether we’re playing Owonikoko or singing our lungs out at karaoke or even engaging in a sip and paint session, we work as a team and it’s so refreshing to get to know my colleagues outside of the work setting. 

So far, I have had a 10/10 experience working at Kwakol. I however cannot wait to become experienced enough to have more tasks delegated to me, and finally, give back to the company that has given me so much. 

Peace out. 

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