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Basically, I love my job!


Peace Ahiakwo

Date Published

August 12, 2022


Life at Kwakol

Most of my work experience before Kwakol had been limited to internships. Right before I joined Kwakol, I worked remotely as a Customer Support Agent at a technology company, and sought to grow my social media presence. 

I looked forward to starting officially at Kwakol because although my internships were hands-on, I had limited access to certain things as I was not a full-time member of staff. So, imagine my excitement when I was hired as a full-time staff at Kwakol. I was ecstatic that I’d get to do ‘actual work’!

I’m currently the Customer Relations Manager at Kwakol. What this means is that I’m in charge of everything ‘customer support’ and ‘customer user interface’. I interact with customers via email, calls and complaint tickets. 

Yes, I’m the voice behind the phone numbers you see on our pamphlets and on social media, and the person chatting with you via the live chat feature on our website. 

Interestingly enough, my responsibilities as Customer Relations Manager extend to the Growth Team. In addition to relating with customers who interact with our platform, I also handle tasks that involve compliance, sales and conversion. For instance, I ensure that documents submitted by clients for verification are compliant with the requirements. 

Typically, my day starts with sorting out compliance tasks on Kwakol’s API, after which I check my Calendar for clients’ birthdays so that I can send messages to celebrate with them. Then, I respond to emails and complaints on the website. As the day progresses, I continue to attend to clients through phone calls, WhatsApp, live chat and emails. 

My experience so far at Kwakol has been two words, ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’. Working at Kwakol is everything I hoped for and I’m constantly grateful for the opportunity to be the best I can be, at the point that I am currently, and to constantly push to be better. 

Basically, I love my job!

I think the work environment is awesome! It’s also very engaging, especially because I work from the front desk, so I get to see new people everyday. I love that I can recognise my colleagues from as little as their footsteps or scents when they walk past me in the mornings, and that I’m the first person anyone sees when they come into the office. 

Yes, you can describe me as ‘The Best in Fun to be With’, and my catchphrase would definitely have to be “Even though! Upon still”, because no matter what… You get?

The fact that I get to work with people about my age makes it much easier, and it’s even more exciting because these are such smart people that make you want to think outside the box.  My colleagues make me want to be better. 

At Kwakol, we bring up ideas and are not shut down. We get to express ourselves without any discrimination whatsoever. Our Team Leads, Dr. Teri and Sir Joezy push me to be a better version of myself. 

Honestly, Kwakol is the best place for you to build your financial future. A lot of people are skeptical about anything that has to do with ‘CFDs’, but Kwakol offers something new and better. Kwakol helps you keep your money safe, secure and profitable. 

So, why be Doubting Thomas? 

With everything you’ve seen, why aren’t you one of the people that trust Kwakol?

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Disclaimer: This information in this article is NOT investment advice. It is intended for information and entertainment purposes only.

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